Understanding across the borders

You have contacts abroad, business connections with companies in other countries, you want to present yourself in a professional way in a new market, or to take advantage of a gap in the market: the only problem is you do not know the language of the country in question. You know your own business inside out, but you have little idea of the customs of the country you intend to visit.

What’s the answer

Your competitors have longsince got the message and have engaged an experienced translation service which is acquainted with the country and its people and which has been able to convey their thoughts and aspirations to their business partners convincingly and in a way typical of the target country.

And this is precisely why you should talk to us because we are never at a loss for words when it comes to languages.

30 years of experience

Languages are our daily bread. The name of our company "ATLANTICA” makes this abundantly clear. Via the Atlantic and its surrounding seas Europe, Asia and America are connected to one another and via their languages to every point on Earth. For this reason we connect our extensive range of services via the modern facilities of worldwide communication with a service which is tailormade to your needs Service.

In the meantime we have more than 600 clients on our books, both in Germany and abroad. For the most part these consist of a large variety of industrial enterprises as well as commercial and service houses. We also have partnerships from the field of the New Media.