The way you would like things to be

International competition, swift communication and short delivery times for translation tasks, these are what a modern company needs more and more in its daily confrontation with market forces. We have adjusted our methods so as to be able to solve your most urgent of translation problems rapidly and without any complication.
It is not only the large number of native speakers we have at our disposal but also our technical performance, adjusted to the most multifarious of requirements, which form our guarantee to you.

Here is a selection of our technical facilities


- Word 97; Word 2000
- Word Perfect 5.2 / 8.0
- Corel Word Perfect 8
- FrameMaker 6.0/ 7.0
- PageMaker 5.0 / 6.5
- Excel 97; Excel 2000
- Access 97; Access 2000
- PowerPoint 97; Power Point 2000
- Lotus Word Pro 97
- Corel Draw 5.0; Corel Flow 2.0
- Photoshop 3.0
- Claris Works 4.0 / 5.0

- Pentium IBM
- Flatbed Scanner
- Laser printer, colour printer
- CD - burner
- Hard drive LS-120
- ZIP-hard drive

Atlantica works with TRADOS, a form of software with the assistance of which the quality of translations can be further enhanced.


The delivery of the texts which you want to have translated can take place entirely according to your wishes:
By email, by fax, on floppy disc and/or as a printed document.
We are also entirely flexible in our means of delivery to you, whether by laser print or digitally on floppy disc or by email; the choice is yours depending of course upon your computer facilities. We are able to adapt to your needs such that you can immediately continue to further process the work, whether your graphic designers are working on a MAC or a PC.
And should you need a translation at very short notice, then a speedy contract could be the answer for you. We would bring this to a conclusion within the time agreed upon and at our usual level of quality. Distance is of no importance since we are, through the Internet, constantly in touch with our world-wide clientele and are, in this way, accessible to you day and night.